Ephesians Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

Osborne, Grant R. | 그랜트 오즈번

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, 3d ed.

Treier, Daniel J.|Elwell, Walter A.

마르틴 루터 - 새 시대를 펼친 비전의 개혁자

스콧 H. 헨드릭스

Gift and Task: A Year of Daily Readings and Reflections

Brueggemann, Walter | 월터 브루거만

Martin Luther: A Late Medieval Life

Leppin, Volker

언약과 하나님 나라 (원서명: Kingdom through Covenant)

피터 J. 젠트리

Presbyterian Experience in the United States: A Sourcebook

Yoo, William

Galatians Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

Osborne, Grant R. | 그랜트 오즈번

Ethics for Christian Ministry: Moral Formation for Twenty-First-Century Leaders

Trull, Joe E.|Creech, R. Robert.

Living Life Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches Us to Live in Light of the End

Gibson, David

Redeeming the Life of the Mind: Essays in Honor of Vern Poythress

Frame, John M.(ed)|Grudem, Wayne | 웨인 그루뎀(ed)|Hu, John J.(ed)

복음서와 내러티브 해석 - 장면들, 인물들, 그리고 신학

티모디 위어다|송승인(tran)

LNTS (JSNTSup) 577: Christ, Shepherd of the Nations: The Nations as Narrative Character and Audience in John's Apocalypse

Morales, Jon

이슬람의 왜곡된 진리


Jesus and His Enemies: Narrative Conflict in the Four Gospels

Beck, Robert R

Trinity and Martin Luther

Helmer, Christine

Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost (PB)

Keener, Craig S.

Flawed Perfection: What It Means to Be Human and Why It Matters for Culture, Politics, and Law

Brauch, Jeffrey A.

Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers, Revised Ed

McKim, Donald K.

Beginner's Bible, the (HB): Timeless Children's Stories (Three-Dimensional)

Social Justice and the Hebrew Bible Vol. 2 (Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice)

Gottwald, Norman K.

Mothers of Faith: Motherhood in the Christian Tradition

Sumani, Wilfred M

African, Christian, Feminist: The Enduring Search for What Matters

Hinga, Teresia M

Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to the Women of the Torah and the Throne

Gafney, Wilda C.

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique

Moreland, J. P.(ed)|Meyer, Stephen C.(ed)|Gauger, Ann K.(ed)

Sepher Torath Mosheh: Studies in the Composition and Interpretation of Deuteronomy

Block, Daniel I.(ed)

Romans Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

Osborne, Grant R. | 그랜트 오즈번

Daily Readings-the Early Church Fathers (Series:Daily Readings)

Needham, Nick

Reader's Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards, a

Finn, Nathan A.(ed)|Kimble, Jeremy M.(ed)

SCM Studyguide: Theology in the Contemporary World

Pugh, Ben

서양식 선교 방식의 종말


Jonah (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible) (PB)

Cary, Phillip

Sabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide : Saying No to the Culture of Now

Brueggemann, Walter | 월터 브루거만

Christian's Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards: In This Life and the Next

Jones, Mark

엑설런트 프리칭: 성경과 오늘의 세계를 잇는 설교 (원서명 Excellent Preaching: Proclaiming the Gospel in Its Context and Ours)

크레이그 바르톨로뮤|김광남(tran)

New Testament: A Translation

Hart, David Bentley

TLV Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible, Holy Scriptures, HB (Tree of Life Version)

Great Thinkers: Thomas Aquinas

Oliphint, K. Scott

몰트만의 생명신학


CSB: Spurgeon Study Bible (Brown/Tan Cloth Over Board)

메시지 S (Standard Edition)

유진 피터슨

16세기 유럽 프로테스탄트 종교개혁


Unmoored God: Believing in a Time of Dislocation

Crowley, Paul G.

Let the Children Worship

Helopoulos, Jason

More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers, Revised Ed

McKim, Donald K.

Psalms, Vol. 2: Psalms 73-150 (Series: Teach the Text Commentary) (PB)

Bullock, C. Hassell

다시 일어서는 힘: 인생의 전환점에서 꼭 가져가야 할 한 가지 (원서명 No Limits: Blow The Cap Off Your Capacity)

존 맥스웰

Philippians Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

Osborne, Grant R. | 그랜트 오즈번

Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet (Deckle Edge)

Roper, Lyndal

LHBOTS (JSOTSup) 631: Women and Exilic Identity in the Hebrew Bible

Halvorson-Taylor, Martien A.(ed)|Southwood, Katherine E.(ed)


Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament

Wallace, Daniel B.

NIV: Zondervan Study Bible (HB): Built on the Truth of Scripture and Centered on the Gospel Message BBLz2

Carson, D. A. | D. A. 카슨(ed)

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon BDB

Brown, Francis|Driver, R.|Briggs, Charles A.

Mere Christianity - 순전한 기독교 원서

Lewis, C. S. | C. S. 루이스

Greek-English New Testament: Nestle-Aland 28th Ed.(NA28) and English Standard Version (Cloth over Board)

Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian, 3rd Ed. Bauer (바우어 헬라어 사전) BDAG

Danker, Frederick W.(ed)|Bauer, Walter(ed)

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, 3d Ed. GRKz5

Mounce, William D. | 윌리엄 마운스

Jesus Storybook Bible, the, Deluxe Edition

Lloyd-Jones, Sally

Reason for God (PB): Belief in an Age of Skepticism - 팀 켈러, 하나님을 말하다 원서 (살아있는 신)

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러

Experiencing God, Rev. Ed.: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Member Book

Blackaby, Richard

Word and Song Children's Bible with 1 MP3 CD, the

Elkins, Stephen

UBS5 Greek New Testament with Dictionary GRKz3

Beginner's Bible, Deluxe Ed. 개정판 (HB): Includes Complete Book on Audio CDs

My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids (Printed Case, Graphic)

Peterson, Eugene H.

Every Good Endeavor (PB): Connecting Your Work to God's Work - 일과 영성 원서 DEVz2

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러

Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece 28 (NA28), Hardcover GRKzX

Institute for New Testament Textual Research(ed)

Meaning of Marriage, the (PB): Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God - 팀 켈러, 결혼을 말하다 원서 DEVz2

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러

Counterfeit Gods (PB): The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope That Matters - 내가 만든 신 원서 DEVz2

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러

Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God (PB) - 팀 켈러의 기도 원서

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러

ESV: Study Bible (Hardcover) BBLzXXX


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My Utmost for His Highest: Classic Language (PB)

you’ll find 365 thought-provoking meditations in this classic-language paperback edition of “the golden book of oswald chambers.” my utmost for his highest will encourage and move yo

LHBOTS (JSOTSup) 631: Women and Exilic Identity in the Hebrew Bible

<2018년 1월 18일 숭실대학교 김회권 교수님 소개글> 간략한 책 소개 여덟 명의 미국과 영국 학자들이 기고한 글을 묶은 이 책은 ‘여성’이라는 개념들이 포로기 동안 형성된 히브리 성경에 어떻게 기여하고 또 역으로 히브리 성경이 여성들을 어떻게 개념화하고 문학적으로 묘사했는지를 다각적으로 검토하고 있다. 확실히

New Testament: A Translation

<2017년 11월 21일 이두희 박사님 소개글> 이 책은 신약성경의 원어인 그리스어와 신약시대의 배경이 되는 그리스-로마 문화를 깊이 있게 연구해 온 한 학자가 혼자서 번역하여 내놓은 성경이다. 이 성경은 서론, 새롭게 번역한 성경 본문, 결론적 후기의 세 부분으로 이루어져 있다.서론에서 저자는 이 번역을 하게 된 이

Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge (Hardcover)

<2017년 11월 27일 김한원 목사님 소개글> 틴들하우스 헬라어 신약 성경 초보 독자 관점1. 독일 성서 공회판 na28, ubs 5에 비해서 저렴하다.2. 장정과 종이, 편집이 눈에 보기 편하다.3. 주해적으로 중요한 본문 비평 기호만 제공하여 복잡하지 않다. 4. 헬라어 초보의 경우, 고대