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NIV: Faithlife Study Bible: Intriguing Insights to Inform Your Faith (Hardcover)

Zondervan Publishing House
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 2304 pages| ISBN 9780310080572
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Stay curious. There’s more to explore!

No matter where you are on your faith journey, there’s always more to explore in God’s Word. Dive in and feed your curiosity with the NIV Faithlife Study Bible.

Filled with innovative graphics and rich commentary, this visually stunning study Bible delivers helpful insights designed to inform your faith. Robust study notes are built on the original languages and adapted from the popular Faithlife Study Bible app, which has reached over one million readers.

The balance of striking graphics, comprehensive study features, and intriguing insights from multiple points of view will keep you curious as you explore the treasures of God’s Word.

Features include:

* The full text of the most read, most trusted modern-English Bible - the New International Version (NIV)

* In depth book introductions that include an outline and information on authorship, background, structure, themes, and a map, a timeline, or both

* Verse-by-verse study notes with the unique focus of revealing nuances from the original biblical languages for modern readers

* Informative contributions by respected scholars and best-selling authors including Charles Stanley, Randy Alcorn, and Ed Stetzer, among others

* Over 100 innovative full color infographics, comprehensive timelines and informative tables to enrich Bible study

* Three detailed life-of-Jesus event timelines chronicling his infancy and early ministry, the journey to Jerusalem, and the passion and resurrection

* 27 family trees and people diagrams illustrate the interconnectedness of key characters in Scripture

* Helpful overview articles give a bird’s-eye view of the books of the Bible, noting the type of literature and key themes of each book.

* 14 original color maps at the back of the Bible provide historical and geographical context for key events of the Old and New Testaments


 21세기에 들어와서 동안 연구용 해설성경이 많이 나왔다. 중에도 우리 한국의 독자들에게 환영 받고 많이 알려지고 사용된 것이 [ESV Study Bible]이나 [NIV Zondervan Study Bible], [The Reformation Study Bible] 그리고 [NLT Illustrated Study Bible] 등이 있다.그런데 2017 3월에 최신판으로 [NIV Faithlife Study Bible] 출간되었다. 땅에서 성경의 하나님의 말씀에 대한 탐구와 해설은 끝이 없다고 해도 과언이 아닐 것이다. 최신판 [NIV 신앙생활 연구성경] 100 이상의 새로운 천연색 도표들과 함께 성경독자들이 궁금해 하는 것들에 대해 보다 정리되고 분명한 해설을 제공하고 있다. 한가지 예로서, [천년왕국설] 대한 상이한 입장들(무천년설, 세대주의 전천년설, 역사적 전천년설, 후천년설) 차이를 도표로 알기 쉽게 제시하고 있다. 오늘의 설교자와 성경교사와 성격을 연구하는 신학자와 신학생 들에게 필요한 참고서라고 생각한다.  - ㄱㅈㅇ


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