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Reader on Preaching, a: Making Connections (Series : Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology)

Francis, Leslie J.(ed) | Day, David(ed)
Ashgate Publishing Company
PB ?| 6.8 x 9.4 x 0.9 Inch| 1 kg| 302 pages| ISBN 9780754650096
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Every Sunday all over the world people rise up and claim to speak in the name of God. It is an astonishing thing to do and an astonishing claim to make. It is small wonder that the sermon has been the focus of debate, discussion and investigation. It has been dismissed as irrelevant in today's culture and has become the butt of numerous jokes and caricatures. Yet the claim persists that these human words in some way can become God's message to these hearers.

This collection of twenty-nine articles by international experts in the area of homiletics coincides with the revival of interest in preaching over the last twenty-five years. It is practical without being merely tips for preachers; and it offers the necessary theoretical discussion for anyone who wants to take the art of preaching seriously. No important issue has been omitted and, taken as a whole, the book constitutes a first class introduction to the principles, processes, context and theology of preaching.

Contributors include: Walter Brueggemann, David Buttrick, Fred Craddock, Edward Farley, John Killinger, Richard Lischer, Thomas Long, Elaine Lawless, Jolyon Mitchell, Cheryl Sanders and Thomas Troeger.


Table of Contents

Six feet above contradiction? : an overview 1
1 The distance we have traveled : changing trends in preaching 11
2 Preaching as reimagination 17
3 The use of scripture in contemporary preaching 34
4 Preaching the epistles 43
5 An imaginative 'or' 51
6 Preaching the Bible and preaching the gospel 65
7 Psychological type and biblical hermeneutics : SIFT method of preaching 75
8 From exegesis to sermon : 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 86
9 Pawn to king four : sermon introduction and communicational design 93
10 Preaching and narrative 101
11 Eleven ways of preaching a non-sermon 107
12 Emerging new standards in the evaluation of effective preaching 116
13 Preaching and silence 127
14 Ethics in the pulpit 134
15 The Lenten preacher 140
16 Martin Luther King, Jr.'s preaching as a resource for preachers 146
17 Preaching pictures 154
18 On preaching a parable : the problem of homiletic method 166
19 Story and image in sermon illustration 175
20 Imagining a sermon 179
21 A sketchbook : preaching and worship 188
22 African-American preaching : the future of a rich tradition 195
23 Homily or eulogy? : the dilemma of funeral preaching 204
24 The woman as preacher 211
25 Gender and the aesthetic of preaching 224
26 Rescripting their lives and narratives : spiritual life stories of pentecostal women preachers 230
27 Preaching that drives people from the church 247
28 The measurement of the effect of preaching and preaching plus small group dialogue in one Baptist church 255
29 The word of God and the words of the preacher 266
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LaBible's Review

Reviews: Those whose theology avoids the sharp edges of Calvary and Easter don't want to give the sermon more than grudging admission;  those who have made Christianity comfortable allow the sermon to decline into a spiritual pep talk or a vaguely Christianised comment on current affairs. But those who take seriously their calling to listen with every fabric of their being to the living God, and to speak with all their skill of his love and grace in the gospel, find it exhausting but exhilarating. My hope and prayer is that this book will be of real help in challenging the first two approaches, and in encouraging and directing the third.' From the Foreword by the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Dr N. T. Wright

'One of the things that both fascinates and terrifies preachers is advice from other preachers. The fascination comes from the recognition of a common call. The fear comes from our sense of inadequacy in the face of great responsibility. This reader is an outstanding and unique collection from preachers and theologians, which is both fascinating and liberating in showing how the call to preach can be developed in astonishing diversity. It is both practically and theologically stimulating for all who are called to preach good news'. Dr David Wilkinson, Fellow in Christian Apologetics and Associate Director of the Centre for Christian Communication, St Johns College, University of Durham

'This volume skillfully samples seminal resources offered to preachers in the last several years for  vocational discernment and renewal.  Nourished by insights from distinguished colleagues, homileticians and pastors alike will gain strength for the journey.' Revd Dr David J. Schlafer, Homiletical Formation, Washington, DC.

‘At last! Distilled wisdom about preaching today by ‘A’ list writers and practitioners.’ Martyn Atkins, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Cliff College, UK

'... a welcome addition to my bookshelf and, I expect, several other preachers and homiletic professors will find a comfortable home for it as well.' Worship

'The book is [...] more than a handbook. It is a guide to the intense debate which has taken place in homiletics over the past thirty years... The quality of the articles is high, and that gives them universal application... The editors have completed their difficult task with great skill, and have given us a most valuable anthology.' Theology

‘This is a seriously good book…this volume is well conceived and well compiled: it has an outstanding introductory chapter by David Day which allows the reader to get their bearings and see how the various parts fit together into the whole, and the collection stands as a very fine introduction to the current literature and thinking on preaching. It deserves to be in the library of every preacher who takes their task seriously…I have rarely read a collection of pieces where the standard is as uniformly impressive. It is a bonus that none of them is too long, and all are thoroughly digestible…My description of this book doesn't do justice to the richness of the collection. It has found its way quickly on to our reading lists in college, but will also provide great stimulus to pastors and preachers. A section at a time it could be a useful focus for ministers' study groups, or be used in other ways to aid personal reflection and development. Highly recommended.’ Regent's Reviews

‘This book, which is a collection of twenty-nine papers on preaching, is very welcome. It brings together articles that are mostly worth rescuing from the obscurity of transient journals and presents them in a thematic way for a new audience.’ Evangelical Quarterly

‘… the volume will be helpful to all preachers whether they are just starting or have been called for many years. This book is not one to be read and then put away on the shelf, rather, it is a book to keep on the desk and use to support fresh thoughts and ideas as the preacher's calling grows and matures.’ Rural Theology

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