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Pocket History of Theology (The IVP Pocket Reference Series) STz1

Olson, Roger E.|English, Adam C.
InterVarsity Press (US)
PB ?| 4.25 x 7 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 112 pages| ISBN 9780830827046
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"The story of Christian theology does not begin at the beginning. . . .Theology is the church's reflection on the salvation brought by Christ and on the gospel of that salvation proclaimed and explained by the first-century apostles."

Here is a concise and informative guide to the history of Christian theology. This condensation of Roger Olson's widely acclaimed The Story of Christian Theology surveys the events, teachings and challenges to the Christian faith down through the ages. In five acts we are ushered from the second to the twenty-first century following all the twists and turns, wrinkles and rivalries that lay along that wonderful and humble way of Christian faith seeking understanding, articulation and explanation.

Crafted for students, pastors and other busy people, this pocket history of theology provides a clear and informed guide to the central tenets of Christian faith and the internal threats and external challenges it has faced and continues to confront even today.


Act I. A Story Takes Shape
Act II. The Plot Thickens
Act III. The Story Divides
Act IV. Reforming, Revision and Rewriting the Story
Act V. An Unresolved Plot

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LaBible's Review

"This may be the most important book in the series for Christians to read and study. . . . [The authors] have written in such a practical manner, highlighting the major developments down through church history, that there is no excuse for Christians not taking the time to read and understand what they profess to believe when they confess their faith using creeds and confessions of our history."

?Equip for Ministry, March/April 2006
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