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Christianity and Western Thought, Vol. 3: Journey to Postmodernity in the Twentieth Century STz1

Wilkens, Steve|Padgett, Alan G.()
InterVarsity Press (US)
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 388 pages| ISBN 9780830839537
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Colin Brown's Christianity & Western Thought, Volume 1: From the Ancient World to the Age of Enlightenment was widely embraced as a text in philosophy and theology courses around the world. His project was continued with the same spirit, energy and design by Steve Wilkens and Alan Padgett in Volume 2, which explores the main intellectual streams of the nineteenth century.

This, the third and final volume, also by Wilkens and Padgett, examines philosophers, ideas and movements in the twentieth century and how they have influenced Christian thought. Students, pastors and thoughtful Christians will benefit from this volume which, when combined with the previous two, completes an authoritative history of Western thought since the birth of Christianity.

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1. Science, Philosophy and the Demise of Idealism
2. Logic and Language: Early Analytic Philosophy
3. The Meaning of Being: Heidegger and German Existentialism
4. Being at Paris: French Existentialism
5. Existence and the Word of God: Dialectical Theology and Neo-orthodoxy
6. Pragmatism and Process: American Adventures in Ideas
7. Meaning and Analysis: Developments in Analytic Philosophy
8. Faith in Philosophy: Thomism, Hermeneutics and Christian Philosophy
9. Journey to Postmodernity
10. Conclusion, Retrospect and Reflection

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