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Introduction to Systematic Theology, 2d Ed.

Van Til, Cornelius
P&R Publishing Company
PB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 0.55 kg| 384 pages| ISBN 9780875527895
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The Theological Foundations of Van Til's defense of the faith are set forth here as the unified system of truth to which believers are committed and with which nonbelievers need to be confronted. Writes Van Til: "The Christian faith as a whole, as a unit, must be set over against the non-Christian faith as a whole. Piecemeal apologetics is inadequate, especially for our time. A Christian totality picture requires a Christian view of the methodology of science and philosophy, as well as a Christian view of theology." Thus Van Til explores the implications of Christian theology, particularly for philosophy, as he discusses epistemology, general and special revelation, and the knowledge and attributes of God.


Introduction   William Edgar     1
Preface     11
The Idea and Value of Systematic Theology     15
The Method of Systematic Theology     26
Christian Epistemology     56
Christian Epistemology: The Position of Charles Hodge     71
Christian Epistemology: The Positions of Herman Bavinck and Valentine Hepp     89
Christian-theistic Revelation     117
Present General Revelation about Nature     137
Present General Revelation about Man     154
Present General Revelation about God     176
Special Revelation     190
Scripture     223
The Inspiration of Scripture     241
The Incomprehensibility of God     260
The Apologetic Import of the Incomprehensibility of God     282
Innate and Acquired Knowledge of God     310
The Names and Incommunicable Attributes of God     319
The Triunity of God     348
The Communicable Attributes of God     369
Index     399
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