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Sons in the Son: The Theology of Adoption in Christ

Garner, David B
P&R Publishing Company
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 320 pages| ISBN 9781629950723
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What does being adopted in God’s Son really mean for Paul’s conception of redemptive grace? Sons in the Son examines the function of this permeating familial concept in terms of Pauline thought: Christology, eschatology, union with Christ, and adoption’s relationship to other benefits for believers. Drawing from a biblicotheological investigation of the adoption texts, Garner explores how adoption frames Pauline soteriology and defines the central familial context of redemption.


* Adoption in Historical Theology
* What Informs Huiothesia?
* Huiothesia in the New Testament
* Adoption Purposed: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
* Adoption Accomplished--The Sent Son
* Adoption Applied--The Spirit of the Son and the Sons of God
* Adoption and Jesus Christ, the Son of God
* Adoption and Union with Jesus Christ, the Son of God
* Adoption in Christ: The Applicatio Salutis
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