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Bitesize Biographies: George Whitefield

Haykin, Michael A. G.
Evangelical Press
PB ?| 5.1 x 7.8 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 128 pages| ISBN 9781783970650
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George Whitefield was born at the Bell Inn, Gloucester, England, on December 16th 1714, so the release of this addition to the Bitesize Biography series commemorates his 300th anniversary. And it is fitting that Michael Haykin should be the author: he is the series editor of the Bitesize and an internationally-recognised Christian historian, with a special interest in the eighteenth century. Steven J Lawson, President of One Passion Ministries says: George Whitefield was arguably the greatest evangelist of church history. His passionate love for Christ and ardent zeal for lost souls endowed him with the fervor necessary to span two continents with the powerful message of salvation. In this fresh snap-shot of the life of George Whitefield, Michael Haykin makes it clear that Whitefield was not only a force for God in preaching, but was marked by an intense biblical piety. The humble servant he was on his knees before God shaped him into the roaring lion he became before men. A recognized scholar, Dr. Haykin brings historical clarity and devotional meditation to a virtually unparalleled life, which is, according to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, almost forgotten in church history. This is a welcome biographical sketch of George Whitefield from a revered historian whose love is the same as his subject - Jesus Christ.

Lee Gatiss, editor of The Sermons of George Whitefield, adds:

The great Anglican evangelist, George Whitefield was a wonder of his age and possessed the most commanding oratory, unquenchable zeal, and unquestionable piety of the Reformed and Puritan type. This terrific biography is eloquent testimony to his impact, particularly on the American and Baptist world. I warmly commend it!

Michael A G Haykin is Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and also Director of the Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies, based at Southern Seminary. He is the author of a number of books on eighteenth-century Baptist life and thought. He and his wife Alison live in Dundas, Ontario.

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