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1599 Geneva Bible: Luther Edition (HB)

Tolle Lege Press
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 1400 pages| ISBN 9781938139352
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The Geneva Bible was the Bible of the Reformation and the Pilgrims. This publication has been reset in modern typeface, with minimal changes of spelling and pronunciation, and containing all its original margin notes.Researched, compiled, and translated into English by exiled Reformers in Geneva, Switzerland, between 1557 and 1560, this special Reformation edition of the Geneva Bible commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation along with the Reformers who made this vital translation possible.

This special 500th Anniversary Of the Reformation edition includes:

  • Martin Luther's 95 Theses
  • Luther's Smaller Catechism
  • The Augsburg Confession
  • Word-for-word accuracy of the 1599 Geneva translation
  • Modern spelling with easy-to-read modern typesetting
  • Middle English Glossary
  • Original cross references
  • Thousands of original study notes by the Reformers
  • Includes introductory articles by Gary DeMar and Dr. Marshall Foster on the history of the 1599 Geneva Bible
  • 8-point text size
  • 9.25" x 6.50" x 1.50"


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