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Historical Theology: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine

Allison, Gregg
Zondervan Publishing House
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 1.44 kg| 784 pages| ISBN 9780310230137
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본서는 기독교 교리를 소개하는 책으로서 A Companion to Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology로 알려지고 있다. 1부에서 하나님의 말씀론 즉 성경의 정경, 영감, 권위, 무오류, 명확성, 필요충분조건, 해석 등을 다루고, 2부에서 하나님론으로서 그의 존재와 특성, 삼위일체론, 창조와 섭리, 천사와 사탄, 마귀 등을 다룬다. 3부에서 인간론, 4부에서 그리스도론과 성령론, 5부에서 구속의 적용론, 6부에서 교회론, 7부에서 미래론을 다룬다. 특히 본서에서 주목해야 할 부분은 본서가 조직신학적 구조를 가지고 역사 신학이란 이름으로 나타나고 있으며 역사 신학을 소개하고 있다는 점이다. YGM

Gregg Allison은 기독교 교리가 역사적으로 어떻게 이해되어 왔고, 어떤 논쟁이 있었는지 쉽고 재미있게 읽을 수 있도록 정리해 줍니다. 가장 좋은 교리사책입니다. 읽기도 쉽고요. meatLuv

This book presents the history of various doctrines in identical order to their appearance in Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Rather than following the history of Christianity and learning about various doctrines as they arise, readers can trace the development of vital Christian theology topic by topic.

Most historical theology texts follow Christian beliefs chronologically, discussing notable doctrinal developments for all areas of theology according to their historical appearance. And while this may be good history, it can make for confusing theology, with the classic theological loci scattered throughout various time periods, movements, and controversies.
In Historical Theology, Gregg Allison offers students the opportunity to study the historical development of theology according to a topical-chronological arrangement, setting out the history of Christian doctrine one theological element at a time. Such an approach allows readers to concentrate on one tenet of Christianity and its formulation in the early church, through the Middle Ages, Reformation, and post-Reformation era, and into the modern period. The text includes a generous mix of primary source material as well, citing the words of Cyprian, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Barth, and others. Allison references the most accessible editions of these notable theologians’ work so that readers can continue their study of historical theology through Christian history’s most important contributors. Historical Theology is a superb resource for those familiar with Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology or interested in understanding the development of Christian theology.

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