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Shaped by the Gospel: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City

Keller, Timothy | 팀 켈러
Zondervan Publishing House
PB ?| 5.4 x 8.3 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 192 pages| ISBN 9780310520597
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It is easy to assume that if we understand the gospel and preach it faithfully, our ministry will necessarily be shaped by it?but this is not true. Many churches claim to be gospel-centered but do not have a ministry that is shaped by, centered on, and empowered through the gospel. The implications of the gospel have not yet worked their way into the fabric of how that church does ministry.

Gospel-centered ministry is more theologically driven than program driven. To pursue it, we must spend time reflecting on the essence, the truths, and the very patterns of the gospel itself. The gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, but something else entirely?a third way of relating to God through grace. In Shaped by the Gospel, bestselling author and pastor Timothy Keller addresses several current discussion and conflicts about the nature of the gospel and shows how faithful preaching of the gospel leads to individual and corporate renewal.

This new edition contains the first section of Center Church in an easy-to-read format with new reflections and additional essays from Timothy Keller and several other contributors.

LaBible's Review

<2016년 5월 16일 진규선 목사>

‘복음’에 대해서 다룬 티모시 켈러의 신작(2016년 3월)이다. 많은 교회가 선언하는 ‘복음 중심’이란 도대체 무엇을 말하는가? 티모시 켈러는 프로그램에 좌우되는 교회가 아닌 복음의 능력에 이끌리는, 그리고 단순히 종교가 아닌 은혜로 말미암은 하나님과의 관계에 근거한 사역이 무엇인지 말해준다. 본서는 이전의 책, 센터 처치(Center Church)를 보다 읽기 쉽게 새롭게 쓴 판일 뿐 아니라, 마이클 호튼(Michael Horton)과 댄 오틀런드(Dane Ortlund)가 추가로 각각 한 장씩 이 책을 채워주었다. - SuaFam

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