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LNTS (JSNTSup) 573: Gospel Interpretation and the Q-Hypothesis

Muller, Mogens(ed)|Omerzu, Heike(ed)
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2.2 kg| 312 pages| ISBN 9780567670045
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The Q-Hypothesis has functioned as a mainstay of study of the synoptic gospels for many years. Increasingly it comes under fire. In this volume leading proponents of Q, as well as of the case against Q, offer the latest arguments based on the latest research into this literary conundrum.

The contributors to the volume include John Kloppenborg, Christopher Tuckett, Clare Rothschild, Mark Goodacre, and Francis Watson. The Q-Hypothesis is examined in depth and the discussion moves back and forth over Q's strengths and weaknesses. As such the volume sheds light on how the gospels were composed, and how we can view them in their final literary forms.


Introduction: What is at Stake by Advocating or Disputing the Two Source Theory? (Heike Omerzu, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

I History and Theory
1. Conceptual Stakes in the Synoptic Problem - John S. Kloppenborg,University of Toronto, Canada
2. Sad Sources; Observations from the History of Theology on the Origins and Contours of the Synaptic Problem - Stefan Alkier, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
3. Were the Gospel Authors Really 'Simple Christians Without Literacy Gift (Albert Schweitzer)? Arguments for the Quest for Sources behind the Gospels - Mogens Muller, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Q and the Logia: On the Discovery of and Marginalizing of P. Oxy.1 - Francis Watson, University of Durham, UK
5. Francis Watson, Q and "L/M" - Christopher M. Tuckett, University of Oxford, UK
6. Seven Theses on the Synoptic Problem, in Disagreement with Christopher Tuckett - Francis Watson, University of Durham, UK
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