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John: An Introduction and Study Guide: History, Community, and Ideology (T&T Clarks Study Guides to the New Testament)

Francisco, Lozada Jr.|Liew, Benny(ed)
Bloomsbury Academic
PB ?| 6.29 x 9.08 x 0.31 Inch| 0.23 kg| 128 pages| ISBN 9780567674876
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This study guide introduces gospel of John, also known as the Fourth Gospel, from an ideological perspective. First, Lozada deals with the key historical questions about how we come to understand John's historical identity. Lozada explores debates around how scholars construct a picture of who, where, when, and why John was written helping readers to recognize how scholars construct an historical identity for John.

Second, Lozada introduces literary questions related to John such as its structure, plot, and narrative development, showing readers on how an ideological reading is constructed. Finally Lozada devotes three chapters to key ideological themes in the gospel related to otherness, such as the portrayal of women, the Samaritan woman, and “the Jews.”


Chapter One: John's Historical Background
Chapter Two: John's Literary Background-Plot
Chapter Three: John's Characterization-“The Jews,” Women, and the World
Chapter Four: John 1:1-18: A World Split Apart
Chapter Five: “The Jews”
Conclusion John, the “Maverick” Gospel-Revisited
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