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Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology

Vanhoozer, Kevin J. | 케빈 밴후저
Westminster John Knox Press
PB ?| 5.9 x 9.2 x 1.7 Inch| 0.73 kg| 504 pages| ISBN 9780664223274
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The overall aim is to explain how the church comes to share the mind of Christ, despite the difference of centuries, cultures, and conceptual schemes, thanks to the dramatic interplay of Word and Spirit. Vanhoozer describes the canonical-linguistic approach in terms of four marks. It is evangelical in its understanding of the dramatic action at the heart of the Bible's authoritative witness, orthodox in its thinking about the divine dramatis personae, catholic in its attention to various voices in Scripture and in the traditions of its interpretation, yet protestant in its use of Scripture as a critical principle for discriminating between forms of ecclesial performance. The net result is a non-reductive or expansive orthodoxy that attends to the dialogue inside the canon and about it for the sake of the integrity of our contemporary renderings of the drama of redemption


Table of Contents

Introduction : the way of truth; the stuff of life 1
1 The gospel as theo-drama : the divine voice and actor 37
2 Theology in the theo-drama : the human voice and actor 57
3 The nature of doctrine : a dramatic proposal 77
4 Word and church : the canon as covenant document 115
5 Scripture and tradition : two (or more) kinds of performance interpretation 151
6 Jesus, spirit, church : scripture and tradition in theo-dramatic perspective 187
7 The work of the spirit in the practices of the canon 211
8 Theology as dramaturgy 243
9 The canonical-linguistic approach, part one : Scientia 265
10 The canonical-linguistic approach, part two : Sapientia 307
11 Doctrine, role, vocation : the actors prepare 363
12 Doctrine and the church : the company of the gospel 399
Conclusion : creeds, confessions, and the pastor/director : doctrine and theology in the theater of congregational action 445
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