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Old Testament: A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction OTz1

Hess, Richard S. | 리차드 헤스
Baker Academic (Short Discount)
HB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 816 pages| ISBN 9780801037146
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A trusted scholar of the Old Testament and the ancient Near East offers a substantial introduction to the Old Testament that is accessibly written and informed by the latest biblical scholarship. Richard Hess summarizes the contents of the Old Testament, introduces the academic study of the discipline, and helps readers understand the complex world of critical and interpretive issues, addressing major concerns in the critical interpretation of each Old Testament book and key texts.

This volume provides a fulsome treatment for students preparing for ministry and assumes no prior knowledge of the Old Testament. Readers will learn how each book of the Old Testament was understood by its first readers, how it advances the larger message of the whole Bible, and what its message contributes to Christian belief and the Christian community. Twenty maps, ninety photos, sidebars, and recommendations for further study add to the book's usefulness for students. The Old Testament also includes an eight-page color insert.

This book is accompanied by free online resources. Click the red eSources banner above for more information.


Part 1: Pentateuch
1. Genesis
2. Exodus
3. Leviticus
4. Numbers
5. Deuteronomy
Part 2: Historical Books
6. Joshua
7. Judges
8. Ruth
9. 1-2 Samuel
10. 1-2 Kings
11. 1-2 Chronicles
12. Ezra and Nehemiah
13. Esther
Part 3: Poetic Books
14. Job
15. Psalms
16. Proverbs
17. Ecclesiastes
18. Song of Songs
Part 4: Prophetic Books
19. Isaiah
20. Jeremiah
21. Lamentations
22. Ezekiel
23. Daniel
24. Hosea
25. Joel
26. Amos
27. Obadiah
28. Jonah
29. Micah
30. Nahum
31. Habakkuk
32. Zephaniah
33. Haggai
34. Zechariah
35. Malachi
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