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Character of Christian Scripture, the: The Significance of a Two-Testament Bible (Series: Studies in Theological Interpretation)

Seitz, Christopher R.
Baker Academic (Short Discount)
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.5 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 224 pages| ISBN 9780801039485
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본서는 Studies in Theological Interpretation 시리즈 가운데 성경의 특성에 대한 연구로서 성경의 두 책의 의의에 대해 논의하는 책이다. 본서는 정경적 접근과 신학적 해석, 성경의 신학과 기독교 성경의 정체성 확인 즉 우리는 예언자들도 아니고 사도들도 아니라는 점, 도전의 예시들로서 히브리서 연구 즉 성경 신학과 정체성 확인, 구약성경의 신학적 사용 즉 최근 신약성경의 학문적 연구와 기독교 성경으로서의 시편들, 정경적 해석을 하는데 구약성경과 신약성경, 하나님만이 주님이심을 확인함 즉 해석의 위기와 기독교 성경으로서의 신구약 성경의 소리, 신약의 규칙과 해석학과 기독교 성경의 특성 등을 내용으로 하고 있는 책이다. 본서는 성경 연구에서 재평가를 요청하는 책이다. 저자는 역사적 평가도 요청하지만 새롭게 연구할 수 있는 문을 열어놓을 것을 당부하고 있다. YGM

"In this learned, astute, and graceful study, Seitz reflects on the significance of the two-testament form of the Bible for understanding the character of Christian Scripture. A commanding account of the matter from a master of biblical theology."--John Webster, King's College, Aberdeen

Christopher Seitz illuminates the two-testament character of Scripture and examines its significance for the contemporary church. He explicates the canonical interpretation project of Brevard Childs, interacts critically with current interest in the New Testament's use of the Old Testament, and addresses an issue of perennial concern: how to hear both testaments as Christian witness. This volume will be useful for biblical studies scholars and grad students, and will be utilized by professors and students in biblical studies, theological interpretation of Scripture, and hermeneutics courses.


Introduction: Starting Points
1. The Canonical Approach and Theological Interpretation
2. Biblical Theology and Identification with Christian Scripture: "We Are Not Prophets or Apostles"
3. An Illustration of the Challenge: The Letter to the Hebrews, Biblical Theology, and Identification
4. Theological Use of the Old Testament: Recent New Testament Scholarship and the Psalms as Christian Scripture
5. Old and New in Canonical Interpretation
6. "Be Ye Sure That the Lord He Is God"--Crisis in Interpretation and the Two-Testament Voice of Christian Scripture
7. The Rule of Faith, Hermeneutics, and the Character of Christian Scripture
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LaBible's Review

"In this learned, astute, and graceful study, Seitz reflects on the significance of the two-testament form of the Bible for understanding the character of Christian Scripture. It is a commanding account of the matter from a master of biblical theology."--John Webster, chair of systematic theology, King's College, Aberdeen
"Beginning with the Bible's unique character as a two-testament book, Seitz traces a theocentric path through issues of historicity, the final form of the canon, the providential location of the church's exegetical task, the distinctiveness of the Old Testament's voice, the rule of faith, contemporary Anglican debates, and more. A work of maturity and grace, this is Seitz's best book yet--necessary reading both for its answers and, equally important, its questions."--Matthew Levering, professor of theology, University of Dayton

"What does it mean for the Christian Bible to have two testaments? Christopher Seitz, the foremost proponent of the canonical approach today, demonstrates how this deceptively simple question leads us to the heart of the challenge of reading the Bible theologically. Incisive in its criticisms, sound in its proposals, and ecclesial in its concerns, this is an exhilarating contribution to biblical theology. Required reading for anyone trying to think clearly about how to read Scripture in and for the church."--Nathan MacDonald, leader of the Sofja-Kovalevskaja Research Team, University of Gottingen; reader in Old Testament, University of St. Andrews

"In The Character of Christian Scripture, Seitz carries forward the work of Brevard Childs and his canonical approach to the theological interpretation of Scripture. In contrast to some recent hermeneutical proposals that read the Old Testament in a restricted way only through the lens of the New Testament, Seitz argues that the rich, diverse, and unique theological resources of the Old Testament should be allowed their own integrity in dialogue with the witness of the New Testament. Seitz rightly argues that the Christian Bible is unique in its bi-testamentality and thus requires a correspondingly unique theological hermeneutic as it testifies to the Triune God of Christian faith."--Dennis Olson, Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Seitz has long been blazing an exciting trail in thinking through the theological reality of a single, two-testament Bible. Here--in vigorous, challenging, and learned argumentation--he brings his reflections to a magnificent maturity and shows a way beyond the too-facile formulae of relating Old and New that have ultimately stripped the Old Testament of its power and substance as God's living Word. Among the volume's many gifts is Seitz's convincing reassessment of the character of the early church's 'rule of faith' in reading Israel's Scriptures and the emerging New Testament--a key demonstration of how the peculiarity of maintaining a Bible of two distinct witnesses held 'in accord' can open up and guard a complexity and richness of Scriptural meaning. Seitz's rigorous book constitutes a major contribution to both theological and practical hermeneutics that should fruitfully reorient the church's reading of the Bible."--Ephraim Radner, professor of historical theology, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

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