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Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy: An Introduction to Issues and Approaches

Boyd, Craig A.|Thorsen, Don
Baker Academic
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.5 Inch| 1 kg| 208 pages| ISBN 9780801048234
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Theology and philosophy have both shaped contemporary culture and how people actually think about moral issues. This introductory textbook engages both traditions to present Christian philosophical and theological approaches to ethics.

Combining their expertise in philosophy and theology, Craig Boyd and Don Thorsen explain the beliefs, values, and practices of various Christian ethical viewpoints, addressing biblical teachings as well as traditional ethical theories that contribute to informed moral decision-making. Each chapter begins with Words to Watch and includes a relevant case study on a vexing ethical issue, such as caring for the environment, human sexuality, abortion, capital punishment, war, and euthanasia. Designed for use in the classroom, the book includes end-of-chapter reflection questions, illustrations, and additional information tables.

1. Varieties of Ethics and Moral Thought
Case Study: Violence against Women and Children
2. Ethics in the Hebrew Scriptures
Case Study: Care for the Environment
3. Ethics in the Christian Scriptures
Case Study: The Nearest and the Neediest
4. Divine Command Theory
Case Study: Intervention, Exemptions, and Conscience
5. Natural Law Ethics
Case Study: Human Sexuality
6. Individualistic Ethics
Case Study: Abortion
7. Kantian Ethics
Case Study: Capital Punishment
8. Utilitarianism
Case Study: War
9. Continental Ethics
Case Study: Euthanasia
10. Virtue Ethics
Case Study: Lying
Love and Christian Ethics
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