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Power in the Pulpit: How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons

Vines, Jerry|Shaddix, James L.
Moody Publishers
HB ?| 6.2 x 9.1 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 448 pages| ISBN 9780802415578
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“I would not be who I am and I would not be doing what I do if it were not for God’s grace toward me through the reading and applying of this book.” --David Platt. 

It’s still used in Bible schools and seminaries today, and it shows no signs of slowing down: Power in the Pulpit is an ideal introduction to preaching.

Dr. Jerry Vines and Dr. Jim Shaddix have achieved a balanced approach to sermon preparation in Power in the Pulpit. This primer combines the perspective of a pastor of forty years with that of someone who devotes daily time to training pastors in the context of theological education. It offers practical preaching instruction from a tradition that sees biblical exposition as a paramount and frequent event in the life of the local church.

Power in the Pulpit is the combined work of Dr. Vines's two earlier publications on preaching: A Practical Guide to Sermon Preparation (Moody Publishers, 1985) and A Guide to Effective Sermon Delivery (Moody Publishers, 1986). Dr. Shaddix carefully organized and supplemented the material to offer this useful resource that closes the gap between classroom theory and what a pastor actually experiences in his weekly sermon preparation.


Foreword 9

Preface to the Revised Edition 11

Preface to the First Edition 13

Acknowledgments 15

Introduction 17

Part 1 The Preparation for Exposition

1 Defining the Task: A Philosophy of Expository Preaching 23

2 Laying the Foundation: A Theology for Expository Preaching 59

3 Developing the Preacher: The Life of the Expositor 95

Part 2 The Process of Exposition

4 Studying the Text: The Interpretation Process 139

5 Organizing the Sermon: Unifying and Outlining 181

6 Organizing the Sermon: Amplifying, Introducing, and Concluding 215

Part 3 The Presentation of the Exposition

7 Expressing the Thoughts: The Development of Preaching Style 251

8 Playing the Voice: Proper Use of the Preaching Instrument 283

9 Making the Connection: Preaching with Heart and Head 313

10 Preaching the Word: Keys to Effective Physical Delivery 351

Conclusion 387

Notes 391

Appendices 406

Appendix 1 Observation Example 407

Appendix 2 Structural Diagram 408

Appendix 3 Sermon Summary Sheet 411

Appendix 4 Relaxation Exercises 412

Appendix 5 Breathing Exercises 414

Recommended Bibliography 417

Scripture Index 421

Subject Index 429

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