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NICOT: Song of Songs

Longman III, Tremper
Eerdmans Publishing Co, WM. B.
HB ?| 6 x 9.25 x 1.1 Inch| 0.54 kg| 254 pages| ISBN 9780802825438
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Relationships are a wonderful, mysterious, often elusive, sometimes painful part of the human experience. The most intimate of all human relationships, according to the Bible, is that between a husband and a wife. It is no surprise, therefore, that there is a book of the Bible, the Song of Songs, that focuses on this relationship. What is surprising is how little attention is given to the Song of Songs by scholars, by the church, and by readers of the Bible. With this volume Tremper Longman III unpacks for modern people what this ancient love poem says about the male-female relationship ? and, by analogy, about God's love for his people. Longman's superb study begins with a thorough introduction to the Song of Songs and its background. Longman discusses the book's title, authorship, date, literary style, language, structure, cultural milieu, and theological content. He also canvasses the long history of interpretation of the Song of Songs, a history too often characterized by repression of the text. In the commentary itself, Longman structures the Song of Songs according to its twenty-three poetic units and explains its message verse by verse. The exposition is made clearer by Longman's adoption of an anthropological approach to the text and by his frequent comparisons of the Song of Songs with other ancient Near Eastern literature. Learned yet highly accessible, innovative yet fully informed by past scholarship, this commentary shows the beautiful Song of Songs to be a timeless celebration of human love and sexuality.



  1. Title
  2. Authorship
  3. Literary Style
  4. Language
  5. Date
  6. The Text
  7. History of Interpretation
  8. Genre
  9. Ancient Near Eastern Background
  10. Structure
  11. Canon
  12. The Significance and Theology of the Song of Songs
  13. Bibliography


Superscription (1:1)
Poem One: The Woman's Pursuit (1:2-4)
Poem Two: Dark, but Beautiful (1:5-6)
Poem Three: An Invitation to a Tryst (1:7-8)
Poem Four: A Beautiful Mare (1:9-11)
Poem Five: Intimate Fragrances (1:12-14)
Poem Six: Outdoor Love (1:15-17)
Poem Seven: Flowers and Trees (2:1-7)
Poem Eight: A Poem of Spring (2:8-17)
Poem Nine: Seeking and (Not) Finding (3:1-5)
Poem Ten: A Royal Wedding Procession (3:6-11)
Poem Eleven: From Head to Breasts: The Man's Sensuous Description of the Woman (4:1-7)
Poem Twelve: The Invitation (4:8-9)
Poem Thirteen: Eating in the Garden of Love (4:10?:1)
Poem Fourteen: To Search and (Not) Find, Once Again (5:2?:3)
Poem Fifteen: Awesome As an Army under Banners (6:4-10)
Poem Sixteen: A Surprise in the Nut Grove (6:11-12)
Poem Seventeen: A Description of the Dancing Shulammite (7:1-11 [English 6:13?:10])
Poem Eighteen: I Will Give You My Love (7:12-14 [English 7:11-13])
Poem Nineteen: Yearning for Love (8:1-4)
Poem Twenty: Like a Seal (8:5-7)
Poem Twenty-One: Protecting the Sister (8:8-10)
Poem Twenty-Two: Who Owns the Vineyard? (8:11-12)
Poem Twenty-Three: Be Like a Gazelle (8:13-14)


  1. Subjects
  2. Authors
  3. Scripture References
  4. Foreign Words
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