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Friends with God Discover How to Pray (HB)

White, Jeff|Harrington, David(illust)
Group Publishing
HB ?| 6.2 x 6.2 x 0.2 Inch| 2 kg| 96 pages| ISBN 9781470755027
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God loves your kids so much! And God loves talking with your kids, too. There are lots of ways to pray, and tons of things to pray about.

This fun book shows kids just how easy it is to talk with God--anytime, anywhere, and in so
many ways. They’ll be joined by 30 friends of God from the Bible who’ll tell kids what prayer
means to them. Plus you’ll find prayer prompts, sample prayers, and verses that show your kids what the Bible says about prayer.

Here’s a sneak peek at the book’s introduction from Jesus…

God loves you so much and wants you to be his friend. And friends talk to each other. That’s what prayer is--talking to God, your friend. This book will show you what prayer is and how you can do it. Prayer can be fun, and you’ll discover lots of great ways to tell God how you feel and what you’re thinking about.

So join me and other friends of God to discover how prayer can make you happier, smarter, and kinder. It’s going to be fun!

Your friend,

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