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Need for Creeds Today: Confessional Faith in a Faithless Age

Fesko, John V.
Baker Academic
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.4 Inch| 0.32 kg| 160 pages| ISBN 9781540962591
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This brief, accessible invitation to the historic creeds and confessions makes a biblical and historical case for their necessity and shows why they are essential for Christian faith and practice today.

J. V. Fesko, a leading Reformed theologian with a broad readership in the academy and the church, demonstrates that creeds are not just any human documents but biblically commended resources for the well-being of the church, as long as they remain subordinate to biblical authority. Fesko also explains how the current skepticism and even hostility toward creeds and confessions came about.

Professors and students in courses on Reformed theology, church history, and Reformed confessions will value this work. It will also be of interest to pastors and lay readers in confessional Reformed churches.

1. Biblical Arguments for Confessions
2. Reformed Confessions (1500-1700)
3. Causes of Deconfessionalization
4. Benefits of Confessions
5. Confessions and Piety
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