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Bible in 10 Words: Unlocking the Message of Scripture and Connecting with God

Spoo, Deron
Worthy Publishing
HB ?| 6.4 x 9.3 x 1 Inch| 0.44 kg| 208 pages| ISBN 9781546014270
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Get a better understanding of the Bible through 10 words that help define God’s plan for restoring and redeeming our broken world.

The Bible contains around 750,000 words-a number that would intimidate even the most seasoned readers of the Bible. Yet, from the beginning of time, God set in place a plan to bring us back to the One who loves us.

Remarkably-as though God couldn’t wait to tell us-this plan is telegraphed in the first few pages of the Bible and can be summed up in just 10 words: light, dust, breath, garden, river, eat, alone, naked, afraid, sweat.

Deron Spoo traces each word through the Bible and explains how these words reveal God’s plan for restoring our broken world. Each word is both rich in meaning and full of promise. Following the thread of each word as it appears and reappears in the Bible, The Bible in 10 Words offers a compelling glimpse of who God is and what He is saying to us.
Deron Spoo is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the past two decades, Deron has guided the church as it transitions from being simply a downtown church to a regional church committed to urban ministry. Church members describe him as “down to earth” and “authentic.” His television devotionals, First Things First, reach 100,000 people each week. Deron is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Good Book: 40 Chapters That Reveal the Bible’s Biggest Ideas released by David C Cook in 2017. He and his wife Paula have three children: Kira, Caleb, and Seth and currently live in Oklahoma.


From Deron Spoo


By looking at only ten words, you may wonder if I’m diminishing the value of all the other words of Scripture. On the contrary. By exploring a few words, I believe the remaining words of the Bible will come into sharper focus.


In November 1863, Abraham Lincoln stood on a famous Civil War battlefield and delivered the Gettysburg Address, a speech consisting of just ten sentences and 300 words. Immediately prior to the now famous address, a man named Edward Evertt delivered a speech that lasted for two hours. After Lincoln spoke, Evertt admitted, “I wish that I could flatter myself that I had come as near to the central idea of the occasion in two hours as you did in two minutes.”


No doubt his listeners that day wished the same.


Instead of allowing ourselves to become intimidated by the 750,000 words of the Bible, let’s narrow our focus to only ten words that explore the Scripture’s central message. As we begin, let me offer a little practical advice.


This book is meant to be a pilgrimage, not a footrace. No prizes are given for finishing first. But ample treasure awaits in store for those who practice patience.


At the end of my exploration of each word, I offer a prayer worth praying and a few questions worth asking. In addition, I include three or four suggestions of other places in Scripture where this word or the idea behind it can be found. But don’t be limited by my selection. Break out a concordance! Invite others to join you on the journey of relishing in ten words that will reveal a bit more of the God of the Bible.

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