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Social and Historical Approaches to the Bible (Lexham Methods Series)

Mangum, Douglas(ed)
Lexham Press
PB ?| 5.9 x 8.9 x 0.8 Inch| 1 kg| 288 pages| ISBN 9781577996651
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Logos 성경 프로그램을 보유한 Faithlife에서 Lexham Press를 통해 펴내는 성서학 연구 방법론 시리즈로서, 각각? 언어학과 문학적 접근법 및 사회-역사적 연구 방법론을 다룬 책

The Bible was not written and received in a historical vacuum?in fact, the social and historical context of the Bible illuminates key understandings that may have been otherwise missed. Biblical scholars use many different approaches to uncover this context, each engaging various aspects of the social and historical world of the Bible?from religious ritual to scribal practice to historical events. In Social & Historical Approaches to the Bible, you will learn how these methods developed and see how they have been used. Many of these approaches are still in use by biblical scholars today, though often evolved from their earliest form as ideas were revised in light of the challenges and questions posed by further research. You will be introduced to the strengths and weaknesses of each method, so you may understand its benefits as well as see its limitations.

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