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Growing Kingdom Wisdom: The Essential Qualities of a Mature Christian Leader

Yeakley, Tom
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.6 Inch| 1 kg| 192 pages| ISBN 9781631469169
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The more responsibilities you take on, the more important wisdom becomes. And yet wisdom seems ever more elusive in a world where values are shaped by short-term successes. Kingdom wisdom--the kind of wisdom sought and celebrated by Solomon and other wise leaders in the Scriptures--is mapped out in this book to set you on a course for real impact in your leadership and the lives of those you lead and mentor.


Tom serves with The Navigators as a Staff Equipper, seeking to build emerging leaders, helping them thrive in life and leadership. These next generation leaders will continue to bring broad leadership to the Navigator work in the decades to come.

Tom recently served as a U.S. Field Director, giving oversight to the Nations ministry sphere. The Nations sphere includes NavMissions (U.S. missionaries serving in 55+ countries), International Student Ministry (ministry to international students on 38 campuses), and initiatives to the Nations Within in the U.S (ministry to immigrants, refugees, Native Americans).

Tom and his wife Dana have been serving with The Navigators since 1978. They were involved in a collegiate couple’s ministry at Purdue University from 1973-1981, church discipleship ministries in the greater Chicago area from 1981-1983, and then moved to Indonesia where they served in collegiate and community ministries from 1984-1994.

After returning to the U.S., Tom joined the U.S. Collegiate Leadership Team and moved to Colorado Springs in 1995. In February 1998, he was selected to lead the U.S. Campus Ministry and from March 2000 - 2003 was the Director of the U.S. Collegiate Ministry. He also served the U.S. Navigators in Leader Development which involved internationally coaching and developing leaders.

Tom’s primary passion is helping leaders live and lead like Jesus. He frequently speaks at conferences, leadership symposiums, and is actively involved in mentoring other leaders. He has authored several books and booklets including: "Growing Kingdom Character" (NavPress 2011), "Praying Over God’s Promises" (NavPress 2015), "The Nuts and Bolts of One-To-One Discipling" and "The Four Alls." Tom and Dana were the general editors of the "Collegiate Devotional Bible." His next release "Growing Kingdom Wisdom" is due out in May 2019. He is also the author of a weekly leadership blog ? "Developing Kingdom Leaders."

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