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TNTC: 1 Corinthians (Schreiner, Thomas R.)

Schreiner, Thomas R. | 토머스 슈라이너
InterVarsity Press (UK)
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.2 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 372 pages| ISBN 9781783596683
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The cosmopolitan city of Corinth was the site of one of the apostle Paul’s greatest evangelistic successes. However, the church he founded was full of contention, ranging from questions about leadership to incest. Some Christians were taking fellow bbelievers to court. There were issues concerning marriage, celibacy, food offered to idols, public worship and spiritual gifts. In response, Paul offered some of his most profound thinking on the body of Christ, love, and Jesus' cross and resurrection. Thomas Schreiner explains the text of the letter, highlights its major theological themes and offers perspectives on its relevance for today.
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