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NSBT: The Feasts of Repentance: From Luke-Acts To Systematic and Pastoral Theology

Ovey, Michael
PB ?| 5.4 x 8.4 x 0.6 Inch| 1 kg| 192 pages| ISBN 9781783598960
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복음주의 입장에서 성경 연구물들을 출간하는 NSBT 시리즈의 신간으로서, 회개의 의의를 성서학에서 신학과 목회적 관점까지 연결시킨 연구

In gospel proclamation today, the critical New Testament element of repentance can be far too often ignored, minimalised or dismissed. Yet John the Baptist, Jesus himself, and those he commissioned to spread his gospel all spoke of the urgent need to repent.

Michael Ovey was convinced that a gospel without repentance quickly distorts our view of God, ourselves and each other by undermining grace and ultimately leading to idolatry. Only when we grasp the need for true repentance as consisting of a real change -- a transforming work of the Spirit of God -- can we fully understand the gospel Jesus preached.

With care and clarity, Ovey focuses first on the relevant biblical material in Luke-Acts, examining who repents and who does not, and the characters of both groups. He surveys the ‘feasts of repentance’ of Jesus with Levi, the Pharisees, and Zaccheus, and in the parable of the Lost Son. He then moves to more systematic-theological aspects of repentance, in relation to idolatry and to salvation; and finally to pastoral theology in the corporate life of the people of God today, with regard to self-righteousness, hypocrisy, humility, forgiveness and justice.

Michael J. Ovey (1958?2017) served as the Principal of Oak Hill College, London, from 2007 until his unexpected and untimely death. He was the author of Your Will Be Done: Exploring Eternal Subordination, Divine Monarchy and Divine Humility... , and co-author of Pierced for Our Transgressions and Confident: Why We Can Trust the Bible. The Goldilocks Zone is a posthumous collection of his other writings. 

Although in some sense this work is a focused biblical-theological study of the theme of repentance in Luke-Acts, grounded in word studies, thoughtful exegesis, and sensitivity to the narrative of this pair of biblical books, it is more than that. Dr Ovey moves beyond biblical theology to think through the meaning of repentance in both systematic categories and in pastoral theological reflection -- and we are all the better for it.

- D. A. Carson

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