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Works of Robert Traill, 2 Volume Set

Traill, Robert.
Banner of Truth Trust
HB ?| 5.6 x 8.7 x 2.7 Inch| 1.72 kg| 1168 pages| ISBN 9781848719859
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Friend? of? William? Guthrie? of? ?Fenwick,? attendant? of? James? Guthrie? of? Stirling? on? the? scaffold,? son? of? the? Greyfriars? Church? manse? where? the? 1638? National? Covenant? was? signed,? Scot? ordained? in? England,? exile? in? Holland,? prisoner? on? the? Bass? Rock,? scholar,? preacher,? and saint ? Robert Traill lived to span? the? ripest? period? of? the? Puritan? age.? Distinguished? in? the? classes? of? Edinburgh? University,? Trail l?early? felt? the? inner? constraint? to? preach? Christ.? Too? intimate? an? association? with? the? younger? John? Welsh? drew? the? swift? displeasure? of the? civil? arm? upon? him.? Denounced? as? a? ‘Pentland? Rebel’? he? fled? in? 1667? to? join? the? bright? galaxy? of? British? divines? weathering? the? storm? of? Stuart? absolutism? in? the? Low? Countries. Traill’s? literary? output? began? there.? Assistant? to? Nethenus,? professor? at Utrecht,? he? prepared? Samuel? Rutherford’s? Examination of Arminianism? for? the? press.? Back? in? London? in? 1692? he? took? up? his? pen,? as? Isaac? Chauncy? (Owen’s? successor)? and? the? younger? Thomas? Goodwin? were? having? to? do,? to? defend? the? doctrine? of? Justification? against? the? new? Legalism.? After? serving? Presbyterian? charges? in? Kent? and? London,? he? died? at? the? age? of? 74.


Robert Traill was endowed ?with? a? first-class? mind? and? had? enjoyed? a very? complete? theological? education.? Nevertheless,? his? sermons? were? not? meant? to? appeal? to? the? learned.? He? strove? throughout? to? promote? practical? godliness.? Every? reader? who? shares? his? outlook? will? find? him? warm,? instructive,? and? encouraging.


J.?C.?Ryle,? who? frequently? quotes? from? Traill? in? his? writings,? introduces? one? lengthy? extract? with? the? words,? ‘It? has? done? me? good? and? I? think? will? do? good? to? others.’


This edition contains ten additional sermons not included in the 1975 Banner of Truth edition, which are appended to volume 2.

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